Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum

Our Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum is designed to complement the module content in our programs, and facilitate in-class discussions on the topics of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion. Each Instructor Manual is intended for a 50-minute lesson, but can be expanded or condensed by the facilitator based on specific needs.  


Curriculum Features

  • Learning Objectives. Identify what students can expect to learn from each lesson.
  • Abstract. Provides a general overview of the program module content as well as an introduction to the specific content that will be covered in the Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum.
  • Explanation of Difficult Terms. Helps clarify bottleneck terms and concepts that serve as obstacles to student learning.
  • Lecture Frameworks. Includes general commentary on subject matter, main points, and discussion prompts to facilitate meaningful conversation.
  • Activities and Demonstrations. Detailed scripts and instructions on how to facilitate reflective activities, small group discussion, and experiential/interactive activities to make the content more applied and engaging.
  • Supplementary Resources. Additional academic articles, books, videos, etc. that can be used as out-of-class assignments or to deepen in-class learning.
  • Appendices. Handouts, infographics, and other materials when applicable.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Easy to Use. Step-by-step guidance provided. No prior knowledge of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion is required.
  • Flexible Use. Can be condensed or expanded to meet class length and specific needs.
  • Comprehensive. Detailed and thorough explanations provided to prepare facilitators to lead meaningful discussions.
  • Experiential. Encourages students to use critical thinking skills while learning tangible applications of content to implement in real life.
  • Creates Community. Allows peers to connect on the shared social and emotional aspects of the college experience and to discuss proactive ways to thrive in college and beyond.
  • Customization. Can be purchased on a per module basis or in packages of 5 or 16.