Proactive mental and emotional wellness curriculum to help college students manage stress, become more resilient, and thrive throughout their undergraduate experiences and beyond.

U-Thrive Educational Services curriculum is rooted in the 3 evidence-based fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion and is led by 35+ renowned educators, psychologists, and scholars from numerous institutions across the country.

The 3 Pillars of Our Curriculum

Positive Psychology

The application of psychological research on human flourishing and optimal functioning to help humans lead an engaged, meaningful, and fulfilling life.


Purposeful, nonjudgmental attentiveness to the present moment in oneself and in the external world.


The capacity to forgive, encourage, and motivate oneself when struggling with feelings of personal failure or inadequacy.

Customizable, Flexible, Proactive Curriculum

We offer customizable curriculum to serve various subsets of the college population, including but not limited to first-year students, first-generation students, and student athletes. Our curriculum consists of digital content and a comprehensive instructor manual to facilitate group discussion. Curriculum can be integrated into credit-bearing courses, facilitated as student workshops, or offered as a self-paced certificate.

Meet Our 35+ Renowned Curriculum Contributors

What Makes Us Unique

Most approaches to helping college students with their mental health tend to be reactive. U-Thrive Educational Services differs in that we take a proactive approach.

Our Curriculum

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