Professional Development

Professional Development

Caring for students begins with caring for oneself. Participants will walk away with basic tools and exercises that are easy to implement into their daily personal and professional lives.

This highly interactive workshop series is designed to introduce faculty and staff to tools and techniques that are easy to implement and build resilience to dramatically increase overall well-being for themselves and their students.

Each workshop in the series is 2 hours in length and will be facilitated live online by U-Thrive Educational Services.

Positive Psychology

The Art of Human Flourishing
  • Understand the concept of Positive Psychology and its relevance to mental health and well-being.
  • Familiarize participants with the PERMA framework and its five "buckets" of well-being.
  • Practice techniques for cultivating positive emotions, engagement, meaning, and achievement within the context of nurturing well-being.
  • Based on workshop insights, create an action plan for personal well-being and professional development.
  • Explore ways to strengthen students' well-being in the classroom.


Cultivating Present Moment Awareness
  • Understand the definition and benefits of Mindfulness in both formal and informal contexts.
  • Develop body awareness and cultivate the mind-body connection through mindful movement exercises.
  • Learn effective strategies for improving communication skills and building better relationships with colleagues and students.
  • Explore practical ways to bring Mindfulness into everyday life, including the power of the pause, creating rituals, and using transitions as opportunities for Mindfulness practice.
  • Engage in guided meditation to experience firsthand the practice of Mindfulness.


The Power of Self-Kindness
  • Understand the concept of Self-Compassion and its three components.
  • Recognize common myths about Self-Compassion and explore evidence-based benefits.
  • Explore the power of supportive touch and its role in Self-Compassion practices.
  • Practice a variety of Self-Compassion exercises to relieve stress and strengthen resilience in moments of difficulty.
  • Gain practical tips for helping students practice Self-Compassion.
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