Our Proactive Mental and Emotional
Wellness Curriculum

Our proactive mental and emotional wellness curriculum is designed to help college students manage stress, become more resilient, and thrive.


Students learn from renowned scholars, educators, and psychologists from numerous institutions across the country.


Rooted in the evidence-based fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Self Compassion.


5 different curricula to serve various subsets of the college population and meet their unique needs, including but not limited to first-year students, first-generation students, and student athletes.

2 Components of Our Curriculum

Digital Content

Digital content housed on our learning management system comprised of modules that include:


• Videos led by renowned contributors
• Experiential exercises
• Reflection assignments
• Quizzes
• Curated collection of supporting resources

Instructor Manual

Comprehensive, step-by-step instructor manual designed to facilitate group discussion that includes:


• Student learning objectives
• Definitions of key terms
• Lecture and discussion suggestions
• Reflection questions
• Experiential activities

3 Ways to Use Our Curriculum


Content from the digital platform is assigned to students prior to group discussion, either through credit-bearing courses or group programming.


Offered as optional or mandatory group programming facilitated by staff, faculty, and/or student leaders where students are not required to complete any content from the digital platform prior to participating in group discussion. Workshops are designed to be stand-alone, but can also be offered as part of a series.


Students participate in online learning modules in a self-paced, asynchronous format, receiving a certificate of completion at the end. This method does not include facilitated group discussion.

Curriculum Highlights


Recognizing that no two departments are the same, we offer the ability to customize our curriculum to make it as easy as possible to adopt. We will work with you to customize the length of curriculum, topics covered, and method of implementation to ensure your students will get the most out of the content.


Our instructor manuals are designed with the novice in mind, meaning no prior knowledge in the fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion is required or expected in order to lead discussion with students. Whether facilitated by faculty, staff, or student leaders, our expert team will provide training to empower facilitators to feel confident in their ability to lead students in these important conversations.

Lifetime Access

We know that students will encounter challenges throughout their entire college experience which is why we are committed to ensuring all students who participate in our curriculum have access to this valuable resource throughout their college experiences and beyond.


Our curriculum is designed specifically for college students. Based on research that has been conducted with college students, our curriculum is rooted in evidence-based fields that have been directly linked to college student success and well-being. Every story, example, tip, and tool provided speaks to the college experience, ensuring content is directly and immediately applicable to students.


We’ve designed our curriculum to be turn-key and ready to implement. We know how important this information is for students, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get it to them.

We are a passionate, mission-driven team that prides ourselves on intimately collaborating with our partners throughout the entire process, from our first conversation to implementation to evaluation. We are committed to positively impacting students and will be with you every step of the way to ensure our partnership is successful in achieving this goal.

Learning Outcomes

By participating in our curriculum, students will:

• Gain greater self-awareness, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.
• Utilize effective strategies and habits for managing stress.
• Build resiliency needed to overcome personal struggles and setbacks characteristic of the transition to college.
• Develop deeper insight into what constitutes happiness and how to live a meaningful, personally fulfilling life
    during the college years and beyond.

Departments We Partner With


Student/ Academic Success

First-Gen Student Support Services




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