Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum

Our Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum is designed to complement the module content in our programs, and facilitate in-class discussions on the topics of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion. Each Instructor Manual is intended for a 50-minute lesson, but can be expanded or condensed by the facilitator based on specific needs.  

Curriculum Features

Learning Objectives
Identify what students can expect to learn from each lesson.
Provides a general overview of the program module content as well as an introduction to the specific content that will be covered in the Instructor-Led Wellness Curriculum.
Explanation of Difficult Terms
Helps clarify bottleneck terms and concepts that serve as obstacles to student learning.
Lecture Frameworks
Includes general commentary on subject matter, main points, and discussion prompts to facilitate meaningful conversation.
Activities and Demonstrations
Detailed scripts and instructions on how to facilitate reflective activities, small group discussion, and experiential/interactive activities to make the content more applied and engaging.
Supplementary Resources
Additional academic articles, books, videos, etc. that can be used as out-of-class assignments or to deepen in-class learning.
Handouts, infographics, and other materials when applicable.


Easy to Use
Step-by-step guidance provided. No prior knowledge of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, or Self-Compassion is required.
Flexible Use
Can be condensed or expanded to meet class length and specific needs.
Detailed and thorough explanations provided to prepare facilitators to lead meaningful discussions.
Encourages students to use critical thinking skills while learning tangible applications of content to implement in real life.
Creates Community
Allows peers to connect on the shared social and emotional aspects of the college experience and to discuss proactive ways to thrive in college and beyond.
Can be purchased on a per module basis or in packages of 5 or 16.
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